Kingsland Wildflower


Broadway Stages has collaborated with Evergreen North Brooklyn and Alive Structures to fund and create the Kingsland Wildflower project, located atop one of the sound stages in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

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Eagle Street Rooftop Farm


Broadway Stages took the green initiative with Rooftop Farms in 2008 funding New York City’s first rooftop farm in the Greenpoint, Brooklyn.The stunning gardens atop Broadway Stages’s warehouse rooftops are ideal for urban farming projects with scenic views of New York City skyline.

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Solar Energy


Broadway Stages, New York City’s premier film and television production facility, has built the first solar powered soundstage in America while building the largest privately-placed solar power array in the state of New York.

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Cool Roofs


New York City’s Cool Roofs program, introduced by Mayor de Blasio in September 2014, invites businesses in the New York City community to convert their rooftops into energy efficient rooftops. The Cool Roofs Program stands to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by coating existing rooftops with reflective white paint that redirects sunlight back into the atmosphere.

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