Kingsland Wildflowers Project


Broadway Stages has collaborated with Evergreen North Brooklyn and Alive Structures to fund and create the Kingsland Wildflower project, located atop one of the sound stages in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Tony Argento (the founder of Broadway Stages) and his sister Gina Argento (President of Broadway Stages) have donated the space for the Newtown Creek Wildflower Roof and Community Space as well as paying for the structural engineering and construction of the roof. This is a large scale green roof planted with native grasses and wildflowers that was designed and constructed on top of an industrial movie studio at 520 Kingsland Avenue, located directly across from the sci-fi looking sewage treatment plant (The Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant), next to a recycling facility, a petroleum storage lot, and Newtown Creek.While the plants are still in their infancy now, the roof will be covered with blooming perennials and tall native grasses next year.

This project has been funded by the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund and Broadway Stages organized with New York City Audubon and Newtown Creek Alliance, who partnered on this project. NYC’s The Fortune Society has also helped in building this green roof. The current plan is for planting to begin in late August and continue through September. Work on the rest of the roof would resume in the spring and be completed in 2017

According to the New York City Audubon Society, “this is a bird-friendly wildflower meadow. In addition to attracting wildlife and diverting runoff rainwater, the rooftop will have outdoor and indoor educational facilities, with programs throughout the year. The plants on the roof were specially selected to attract birds and other wildlife. They will be composed of species native to the Long Island Sound coastal lowlands, including native grasses such as stout blue-eyed grass and northern dropseed; heart-leaved golden Alexanders; and Asclepias tuberosa, or butterfly weed. (A host plant for monarch butterflies, butterfly weed also produces silky seed pod fibers used by orioles and goldfinches in their nests.)”

In addition, to significant monetary contributions and offering the use of the Greenpoint Broadway Stages rooftop, Tony has been an enthusiastic spokesperson as one of his goals is to make New York City a greener landscape.