#GoGina for Parents Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at PS110
is a non-profit volunteer parent group that helps support year-long activities for students at PS110. The PTA aims to educate students emotionally and academically to nurture various aspects of youth development. Volunteers from the PTA gather monthly to create recreational programs and plan community events designed to enrich student education. The PTA seeks to inspire parents in the PS110 community to take an active role in fostering enrichment activities as part of their children’s education.

As a parent to three young boys, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, understands the need and importance of active parent participation in a child’s growth. Argento believes active involvement in a child’s life can help improve educational and emotional growth. After the school budget cuts, PS 110 was hurt the most. Argento has made a financial pledge to help sponsor parent meetings and fund new event activities created by the PTA. With Argento’s help, PS 110 has been able to make additional educational and recreational resources available to the PS 110 community.

To donate and support PS110 PTA, visit http://www.ps110pta.org/home
To volunteer for the PTA at PS110, visit http://www.ps110pta.org/get-involved/howtohelp