Eagle St Rooftop Farms

Broadway Stages, Brooklyn’s largest film and sound facility, took the green initiative with Rooftop Farms in 2008 by funding New York City’s (NYC) first rooftop farm in the Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Rooftop Farms is aimed at helping educate Brooklyn citizens about green initiatives and aimed at improving the local Brooklyn community in various ways. Broadway Stages has provided Goode Green with its warehouse rooftops as the setting for Rooftop Farms, a commercially operated green roof program used for urban farming owned by Broadway Stages located on 44 Eagle Street. The stunning gardens atop Broadway Stages’s warehouse rooftops are ideal for growing crisp mixed greens, hearty peas, fresh peppers, and aromatic herbs. Broadway Stages’s subsistence farming program harvests the fresh produce for Brooklyn restaurants such as Marlow & Sons and Anella, which are highly recommended on Yelp’s Brooklyn restaurants. New York Times adds that the Rooftop farms is able to locally harvest over “slightly more than a tenth of an acre last year and sold the produce to neighbors, local suppliers and restaurants.”

In addition to helping serve Brooklyn restaurants, the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm is ideal for reducing urban pollution in NYC. According to foodsecurity.org, The urban farms such as the one operated by Broadway Stages, helps “advance the health of the environment as well as that of human residents. Cultivation improves air quality and increases biodiversity. Rooted plants stabilize the ground and reduce soil erosion. Cared-for soils absorb rainfall that then does not run over exposed, compacted dirt and pavement absorbing toxic debris and dumping it into storm drains. Urban compost systems can transform much of a city’s organic waste for beneficial re-use.”

The Eagle Street Rooftop Farm is open to volunteers who can learn about sustainable conservation practices and green practices which they can implement on their own property or share with others. Broadway Stages wants to continue to implement green solutions for NYC and spread green practices with New York residence.

To volunteer at the Eagle Street Rooftop Farms or learn more about urban farming education visit rooftopfarms.com for more information!