bws-primary-coolroofsNew York City’s CoolRoofs program, introduced by Mayor de Blasio in September 2014, invites businesses in the New York City community to convert their rooftops into energy efficient rooftops. The CoolRoofs Program stands to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by coating existing rooftops with reflective white paint that redirects sunlight back into the atmosphere. Redirection of sunlight helps CoolRoofs buildings absorb less sunlight and less heat. CoolRoofs buildings reduce electrical energy consumption and carbon emissions as a result of having a lower ambient temperature inside the building. The CoolRoofs program is part of New York City’s green initiative to reduce 80% of carbon emissions produced by NYC and encouraging less electrical energy consumption.

As part of CoolRoofs’s green initiative, Broadway Stages converted its warehouses at 211 Meserole Avenue to white reflective rooftops, to become one of New York City’s first film production company to have a CoolRoof! The rooftop conversion will help increase air quality and reduce our carbon and electrical output. Broadway Stages hopes its participation in CoolRoofs will inspire others to join in upholding environmental stewardship and participate in the environmental preservation of NYC. Our family at Broadway Stages continues to support clean air and energy efficient initiatives and would like to challenge you to do so as well!

As of today, the DOB has covered over 600,000 square feet with reflective white coating and is less than 400,000 square feet from its 1,000,000 square feet goal. To help learn how you can get involved with CoolRoofs visit: