Commitment to Education

Broadway Stages has expanded the access to educational programs and the quality of educational programs in New York City. Broadway Stages has helped sponsors art projects, field trips, educational scholarships, and recreational activities that foster character development and educational learning in New York City youths.

futures-in-educationBroadway Stages has contributed to the expansion of educational opportunities of children in New York by financing student tuition at Futures in Education which”ensures that the gift of an excellent Catholic education continues to be a viable option for current and future generations of deserving students in Brooklyn and Queens. We provide assistance to the neediest of those students, through endowment funds and fundraising programs that focus on key educational priorities.”

kingborough_community_college_logoBroadway Stages significantly contributed to  
Kingsborough Community College for the construction and creation of its STEM Lab, where “Instructors will deliver meaningful instruction in a 20-hour weekly instruction program during the two week period. In the second week, students will work with directly instructors in KCC labs. In the fall and spring semesters, incoming students and those continuing their studies at KCC will be able to work on exploratory and practice projects in the STEM Lab.”

eleanorwhitmoreecc320x320Broadway Stages also supports the Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center  which offers innovative programs that incorporate the best practices in early childhood education. The rich research-based curriculum is designed to help every child achieve developmental milestones in early literacy, problem solving, emotional quotient, and social acumen.”

Broadway Stages is set on long term commitments to help fund after-school programs, green based educational programs, and recreational development programs.We stand to help students realize their academic potential by providing access to various development programs for students of various ages. Broadway Stages will continue promote student educational learning and will continue to support communal development programs for youths.

Gina Argento Says Education Matters
Gina Argento puts children’s education first!
Gina Argento with Community Word Project
Gina Argento excited for robotics at SIS!
Gina Argento, on behalf of Broadway Stages, upholds quality education at Saint Ignatius School
Broadway Stages Gina Argento commits to educational Youth Development at YMCA!
Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, supports high school education in Brooklyn!
Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, celebrates 163 years of educational excellence at Saint Ignatius Loyola School
Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, send Brooklyn students to Space Camp!
Broadway Stages President Gina Argento protects New York City wildlife with NYC Audubon
Gina Argento wants you to READ!
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Williamsburg Highschool for Architecture and Design goes #GreenwithStage
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