Rooftop Farms Rooftop Volunteer!

Broadway Stages’ Rooftop Farm is in full summer swing! The Rooftop Farm, funded by President Gina Argento, was opened in 2008 as New York’s first urban Farm located on Eagle Street. Since its inception over a decade ago, Rooftop Farms has become an internationally acclaimed green roof that provides local restaurants and Brooklynites with health and naturally grown vegetables.

eat fresh

Rooftop farms always welcomes volunteers to help participate and contribute to the green cause! Volunteers can enjoy planting seeds, helping harvesting, and tending to the chickens and bees! In addition to the amazing experience that entails volunteering for Brooklyn’s first green roof, volunteers also enjoy informative educational resources provided by Rooftop Farm staff! Volunteers learn about the importance of a rooftop farm in a urban environment as well as get the opportunity to gain farming techniques and insights. Rooftop Farms is open to the public as part of Sunday volunteer days.

For more information please visit,

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