Broadway Stages : Staten Island Stages Coming Soon!

Broadway Stages has already invested over $2.5 million in maintenance and security costs even without the full rights to the Arthur Kill Correctional Facility. Since the 2013 bid, Broadway Stages has made an unparalleled commitment to purchase the facility after winning the bid rights. Even after 4 years, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, has stayed strong in her commitment to Staten Island everyday. Dedicating significant time and efforts to bringing the film and TV industry to Staten Island, Gina Argento hopes to positively boost the local Staten Island economy for local residents and businesses.

Finally back on track, the new Staten Island Stages is set to create over 1,000 jobs and attract dozens of  production companies to Staten Island. Set to construct 5 new sound stages at the former prison, Staten Island Stages will encourage an influx of TV and film companies to utilize local businesses and individuals to source food, locations, talent, and general goods.

In fact, some shows have already had the opportunity to film at the Arthur Kill Facility premise, among them are “The Blacklist Redemption”, “Blue Bloods”, the Netflix original series ” Seven Seconds” and a major motion picture film “Ocean’s 8” is also set to shoot at the facility. James Oddo agrees that the Staten Island location is already making an impact saying  “Every time a director calls ‘ Action!’ it will mean jobs and economic activity for Staten Island.”

Staten Island Stages have received firm support from local residents in addition to the Borough President. During the Staten Island Economic Development Corporation Business Conference, local community members welcomed Broadway Stages at the conference and showed extreme enthusiasm for our upcoming presence. Broadway Stages greatly appreciates their support and continued dedication to see Staten Island Stages come to the Staten Island neighborhood.

Broadway Stages hopes we can bring the film and TV series to Staten Island in the coming months!

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