Broadway Stages President Gina Argento Encourages Summer Fun at Camp Brooklyn!

Broadway Stages President Gina Argento encourage students to enjoy the fun of summer camp with Camp Brooklyn Fund. As a Camp Brooklyn Fund Board Member, Gina dedication and continued financial support has helped provide students the opportunity to attend sleep away camps for FREE!

Camp Brooklyn provides Brooklyn families the opportunity to send their children to attend a 2 week sleep-away summer camp. Students attending the camp will experience a plethora team-based and educational activities! At the Camp Brooklyn camps, students are constant taught the importance of team work and are encouraged to make long lasting friendships. Camp Brooklyn mentors seek to fortify life long positive lessons disguised in fun activities to student character relating to friendship, altruism, and benevolence.

As a long standing member of Camp Brooklyn Fund, Gina Argento hope to see students succeed educationally and develop strong life lasting friendships. She believes strongly Camp Brooklyn’s passion for positive youth development mirror her own personal outlook on positive youth development. Gina wishes to continue to watch Brooklyn students grow while experiencing the fun of summer camp!

Join Gina Argento by helping Camp Brooklyn provide New York students with an enrichment filled summer. #GoGina


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