Broadway Stages is Green Energy Powered!

Broadway Stages has made and implemented unparalleled long term commitments to maximizing Green Energy resources with the installation of our solar roof panels. Acknowledging the potential of the natural and raw output of the sun, Broadway Stages President Gina Argento designed and established the first Brooklyn full service sound stage powered by solar energy. Investing in full rooftops covered with solar panel, Gina Argento held firm in her belief that Broadway Stages would lead as the green innovator in the New York City film and production industry.

In addition to the maximizing solar resources, President Gina and Founder Tony Argento also hold the title as the first New York City full service film production company to create and operate a urban farm. Located atop out 44 Eagle Street warehouse and across the beautiful manhattan cityscape, Rooftop Farms, one of New York City’s first urban farm continues to flourish and supply local Brooklynites with fresh vegetation and green education classes.

Sharing our green enthusiasm to Greenpoint community, Broadway Stages sponsors local green events such as the Urban Cleanup event to reduce trash and litter the streets of Greenpoint. Encouraging local residents to join us in using green alternatives and green initiatives, Broadway Stages wants Brooklynites to be become Green Powered! Keep the Greenpoint neighborhood clean and going green!#GoStage



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