Gina Argento, Brooklyn based Broadway Stages President, Backs Affordable Housing Program in Williamsburg!

Gina Argento, Broadway Stages‘ President, lends a helping hand in South Williamsburg to support Brooklynites. Teaming with Williamsburg based Southside United HDFC, Gina Argento looks to promote community based assistance programs that targets housing and rehabilitation.

The Southside United operates as an integral part of the South Williamsburg’s social service programs for local Brooklynites. Southside United employs a variety of community help operations ranging from food pantries to social services to affordable housing. By offering quality support services, Southside United looks to act as the first respondents for the rehabilitation needs of its Williamsburg neighborhood.

An avid advocate for building stronger Brooklyn communities, Gina Argento encourages support for Southside United, who endorse the union between local residents to eliminate common neighborhood problems. As a sponsor to the Southside United, Gina will help families secure affordable housing for long-time residents who are seeing a rise in rent costs. Gina’s contributions to Southside United will ensure that long-time families have the opportunity to continue to live in the Williamsburg neighborhood.

Help join the efforts to protect affordable housing by volunteering for Southside United and join local community members in supporting a sustainable neighborhood for local Brooklyn residents! #GoGina

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