Gina Argento, CEO of Broadway Stages, and Nysunworks Inspire The Next Generation With Green Energy

Gina Argento President of Broadway Stages is taking advantage of the summer season to try to educate students about the green revolution in New York City. As New York’s first full service solar powered sound stage, Broadway Stages encourages the next generation of innovators to take advantage of the abundant solar energy available to us. #GoGina

By sponsoring green education institutions like Nysunworks, Broadway Stages hopes to influence young minds to explore alternative energy and eco-friendly outlets such as hydroponic farming, a new revolutionary efficient method of urban farming, and solar powered energy. Nysunworks is one of the leaders in hydroponic farming education with programs across various high schools in New York City. Therefore, the collaboration to educate the next generation on renewable energy resources was bound to happen!

Support Nysunworks with us and support a Greener future!
For more information please about Nysunworks please click here!

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