Broadway Stages To Unite The Defenders!

Broadway Stages, Brooklyn’s largest full film production service company, are helping unite the hottest on screen Marvel superheroes. As the select sound stage for Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Iron Fist, Broadway Stages has been involved with the creations of this year’s most watched Netflix superheroes. Excited for long anticipated unification of these individual powers, the new and upcoming Marvel TV show The Defenders will be set to be produced in our Broadway Stages’ sound stages.

The five superheroes looks to unite together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe crime that was hinted in their frequent cross show appearances’. United as a team with the goal to take down the Hand, a super villainous organization of ninjas from Japan. Broadway Stages is excited to join the five heros in each of their individual fantastical series and their new series together.

Look forward to the upcoming series The Defenders coming August!














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