Broadway Stages says to go Summer Solar!

Broadway Stages Gina Argento and Tony Argento believe in a future with solar energy!

Solar energy from the sun is one of the most abundant and powerful renewable resources in the world. In a single moment, the sun produces 1.74 x 10^17 watts of energy onto the Earth. To put that in perspective in terms of real world application, the average household consumes was only 10,000 kWh a year, which is only a fraction of the amount the sun releases in a single day. The huge output of solar energy from the sun can help reduce a significant amount of electric dependence on traditional coal and fossil fuel resources.

Acknowledging the eco-friendly benefits of solar energy, Gina Argento, CEO of Brooklyn’s largest solar powered sound stage production company, envisioned a sustainable energy system built on environmentally sustainable ideologies. Incorporating energy efficient solar panels atop Broadway Stages’ warehouses to maximize solar exposure, the solar program introduced by Gina Argento has saved over 905,000 pounds of carbon emissions every year. Producing an average of 1,400 kWh a day, the solar program saves the equivalent of a residential household month’s worth of electricity in a day.

With summer right around the corner, now is the best way to maximize the benefits of available solar resources. Gina Argento encourages you to take control of your energy by going solar to maximize your green energy commitment. Join Gina and Tony by taking your first step into the wonders of solar energy! #GoGina

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