2 Essential Tips Earth Day Tips from Broadway Stages

Earth Day is only 48 hours away! If you haven’t been following us already, Broadway Stages have been giving weekly tips on how you can get green in celebration of Earth Day. Today Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, shares 2 fun Earth saving tups!

  1. Coffee to Soil
    Next time you make coffee, you might want to save your coffee grounds. Make use of your coffee grounds by giving them a second purpose as a great fertilizer for your garden or potted plants. Egg shells works great too!
  2. Water on the Go
    Bring your own thermos or BPA free water bottle and take a stand against one time use disposable plastics. Simply using your own water bottle can help significant reduce plastic bottles ending up in land fills and more importantly reduce your risk of BPA chemical exposure found in disposable plastics.

Take these 2 fun Earth Day tips and incorporate it into your life today to do your part in helping save the Earth! #EarthDay

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