Summer Youths at Queens Botanical Garden

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, encourages the youth of New York City to consider their summer at Summer Youth Program at the Queens Botanical Garden! Believing that Earth Day is a year long commitment, Gina supports Earth-friendly internships at the QBG to provide teens with the opportunity to learn about the ways they can create a more sustainable lifestyle.

The QBG leads as one of NYC’s largest volunteer gardening programs, easily attracting hundred of dedicated preservationist volunteers whom share to create a sustainable future. Working along with seasoned gardeners, interns experience hands on learning to practice sustainable living techniques such as compositing techniques to nourish soil. From there, volunteers are encouraged to implement their new knowledge into their daily routines.

Sharing a mutual love for the environment with QBG and its volunteers, Gina Argento finds herself a committed donating sponsor to the Summer Youth Program at QBG. Gina understands QBG volunteers are hard working youths that require proper hydration and food to maintain stamina. Her contributions help ensure volunteers are supplied with water bottles and meal compensations. Donations are also used to equip with safe and appropriate gardening safety equipment such as gloves and shovels.

Together QBG and Gina Argento look forward to continue creating a brighter and greener future! #GoGina #QBG

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