7 Day Earth Day : Broadway Stages Green Friendly Tips

With 7 days left to go before Earth Day, Broadway Stages offers 7 new Earth and environmentally friendly tips:

  1. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency!
    Cars going at a constant cruising speed reduce harmful gas exhaust and gasoline usage per mile! Not to mention driving at cruising speeds reduce accidents and create a safer driving environment for everyone.
  2. Dress to Impress
    Instead of turning on the AC, choose to wear more clothes to warm up or less to cool down. Simply increasing or decreasing layers will shred your electric bills significantly. Save energy and the Earth one layer at a time!
  3. Walk the Walk
    Enjoy the warm spring weather by walking to your destination rather than taking the car. Reduce your carbon footprint while leaving a real footprint.
  4. Portable on the Go Energy
    Switching to laptops and mobile devices as a workstation is a much more power efficient option when compared to larger desktop stations. Mobile workstations also offer the advantages of moving your work on the go with you.
  5. Breathe in Breathe out
    When air conditioners or vent filtration units breathe in ambient air, they collect in dust and micro-substances on their filters. Simply cleaning your air filters every few months will keep your energy bills down in the winter and summer.
  6. Shower Smarter
    It’s time to shower smarter with WaterSense. WaterSense shower heads save up to 40% more water with the added benefit of saving hot water for when your ready.
  7. Unplug it
    Electronic devices plugged into your electrical outlet will continue to draw power equivalent to 5% of its total capacity. Unplug your electronic devices when they are not in use whenever possible. Save on your electric bill and get greener.

Make an effort to implement an Earth Day tip a day for a week! Complete the 7 Day Earth Day challenge with Broadway Stages!

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