Broadway Stages Gina Argento Counts Down For Earth Day!

Broadway Stages Gina Argento is going to provide 11 quick tips that can help save the planet!

  1. Make Recycling Easier
    Place paper and plastic recycling bins near high traffic areas in your office and home! This will help maximize recycling habits of your co-works and your family.
  2.  Refill your Ink
    Most of the time ink cartridges are replaced completely, instead learn to refill your ink cartridges to save money and the environment! Most local stationary store are able to refill your cartridges for you!
  3. Consider the Metro
    Reduce your carbon footprint and help keep the air cleaner today by using your local transportation system! It saves money and in crowded cities, it might also just save you precious time!
  4. Bring Your Own Bags
    Consider bring your own bags to the groceries next time. You can save up to 1,000 groceries bag a year from sitting in landfills, simply by bring your own reusable bags!
  5. Buy Energy Efficient
    Energy Efficient products can consume 4 times as less than older non-energy efficient electronic devices. So when purchasing electronic products look for energy star label!
  6. Go Paperless
    No paper no problem. Most companies can replace your current physical mail with electronic versions. Consider using the paperless route, saving green forest starts with you!
  7. Rags to Riches
    Use rags to clean spills or dry dish-ware instead of paper towels. A single rag can out last a rolls of paper towel if properly maintained!
  8. Don’t Waste the Back
    Double sided your prints to reduce your paper usage by half!
  9. Turn it off!
    Build the habit to turn off your electronics and lights when they are not in use. A simple switch can help save hundreds over a year!
  10. Cup to Mug
    Next time at your local barista offer to fill your coffee in your own reusable mug. Lose the disposable habit your disposable habit!
  11. Let Your Friends Know!
    Going Green is all about sharing your knowledge and environmental stewardship with your colleagues, friends, and family! Help make their green impact as strong as yours!

Follow these 11 quick Earth Day tips and get Green Today! #GreenwithStage

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