Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, on social justice

Broadway Stages Gina Argento works to create a united world by connecting like minded individuals to discover common ground and advance social issues. Gina Argento joins 2017 Gala hosted by Intersections to raise awareness on the pursuit of social justice to maintain united multi-cultural and multi-faith world.

The 2017 Gala Intersections celebrates and recognizes the need for social justice by creating safe spaces and environments to allow communities to openly converse in dialogue, participate in services, and have a voice for advocacy.

As a sponsor of gala, Gina Argento seeks to create places for people to safely engage and unite with one another on social topics and build into safe heaven communities. Protecting social communities are critical in protecting individual rights and connecting people with those that share the same belief and ideology. Join Gina today today in pursuit of social justice and uniting communities around the world. #GoGina

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