Get Brooklyn Fresh and Local : Brooklyn’s First Urban Farm by Gina Argento

Rooftop Farms is proudly supporting the Brooklyn locals with our Brooklyn grown produce. Rooftop Farms, located on 44 Eagle Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is constructed by Broadway Stages‘ Gina Argento to introduce urban farming in the Brooklyn culinary scene. With the goal of serving Brooklynites fresh natural grown close within walking distance.


Broadway Stages’ Rooftop Farm produces local and fresh vegetables for the an outlet of Brooklyn based restaurants used to serve to you! When the growing season starts, vegetables from kale to red peppers are all available to North Brooklyn restaurants. Serving our naturally grown include Greenpoint’s Marlow and Daughters and Alameda to name a few.

Likewise our Eagle Street Rooftop Farm is publicly open to provide neighborhood residents with quality produce used for home cooking. Our Farm is equipped to educate interested patrons on the gardening and urban farming techniques. Rooftop Farms opens on Sundays afternoon to all visitors, while weekdays are weekdays are reserved for group style education.


c945121a0b4d43429cdde5f46ec36b5cFor more information on Rooftop Farms click here!

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