Gina Argento and Broadway Stages look to come to Staten Island!

Gina Argento and Broadway Stages looks to join the Staten Island Community!

Local Staten Island Communities want to see Broadway Stages come to the Arthur Kill Correctional Facility! Backed by the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, Staten Island Economic Development Corporation, and the New York City Wheel, among other city officials, Broadway Stages cannot wait to repurpose the facility into a set of new sound stages that will benefit the community.

The new Staten Island location will create 1500 new jobs in addition to the spur of local spending from productions that will take place in the area. Steven Grillo of Staten Island Economic Development Corporation says, “This is very exciting for Staten Island. It’s really a great way for Staten Island as a borough to show the rest of the region that we’re open for business and a really diverse and unique type of business which is of course the film industry.” Broadway Stages hopes to move into the new location soon and become part of the Staten Island Community! #StatenIsland

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