President Gina Argento loves Theatre at Astoria Performing Arts Center

The Astoria Performing Arts Center(APAC) is a great resource that offers free community programs for middle school students between 8-13 years old to develop playwriting and theatre performance. The Playmaking program is designed to engage and deepen students to understanding and knowledge of playing writing used to help explore their individual adventures on stage.

The Playmaking program at APAC requires the support of local members at its Homecoming Benefit to maintain and sustain the community programming. In support of the Queens theatrical scene, is Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, who joins the APAC to contribute resources to benefit middle school students. Contributions for the Homecoming Benefit made by Gina are used to secure financial resources for Playmaking program for children to continue to discover fantastical journeys through plays.

The APAC excels at giving students participants the freedom of imagination and interpretation of each play, playing a vital role in youth development. Recreational programs such as the Playmaking program are needed to express student imagination and highlight individuality. Join Gina in supporting and contributing to student recreational development and imaginative exploration. #GoGina


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