Earth Day Count Down!

The excitement for Earth Day cannot be contained here at Broadway Stages! Having taken various venues to demonstrate our environmental commitment, such as Rooftop Farms, Kingsland Wildflower, Solar Energy, and Cool Roofs to name a few, Broadway Stages is ready to continue to lead the green movement in NYC’s film industry.

With only 25 days until Earth Day, We will going to give weekly advice on how you can be greener and help the environment with tips. Starting off the tips to be GREEN, Broadway Stages CEO Gina Argento recommends reducing or reuse of plastic bags whenever possible!

Plastic Bags have been known to be harmful for the environment for its inability to be biodegradable and ability to last up to thousands of years in landfills. However, plastic bags also play a large role in our natural wildlife. Plastic components, especially micro-plastic, that make up a single plastic bag are known to be poisonous to wildlife and have been cited to the main culprit of blocking healthy organ function in animals.

With only 1-3% of all plastic bags being recycled in the world, that still leaves billions of plastic bags every year to be left floating in the ocean, to be eaten by animals, and left in landfills. At Broadway Stages, we encourage each other to reduce the use of plastic bags and whenever they are used we recycle plastic bags to be used again! This extends the life of the plastic as long as possible and avoids the plastic from entering our natural wildlife environment.

For more tips to be Green check out the blog weekly!


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