Gina Argento believes in a Future of Education

Gina Argento believes in a Future of Education for New York students!

Broadway Stages is a firm supporter in quality  education and youth development programs for students in New York City. Gina Argento of Broadway Stages agree that students in New York should be given the best educational opportunities to succeed in their academic careers. To help students participate in excellent and quality educational programs, Gina supports Futures in Education.

As a financial supporter of Futures in Education, Gina is able to meaningfully impact individual student lives by reducing their tuition cost. Helping lower or eliminate the cost of students in the Futures in Education program will provide students with access to quality education without financial burdens. Gina believes that New York students should not have financial obstacles impeding their educational success and academic careers.

Gina hopes her commitment to student education can inspire others to join her in providing students everywhere the opportunity to excel in education. #GoGina

Read more about Gina’s educational commitments here

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