Broadway Stages helps Brooklyn to Go Green!

President Gina Argento agrees the time to go GREEN for Brooklyn is now!

Brooklyn residents are eager to go green! Broadway Stages‘ Gina Argento joins local Greenpoint and Williamsburg residents in becoming a green citizen! Partnering with Town Square, a local volunteer based community, Broadway Stages and Gina Argento aim to educate and spread the benefits of environmental stewardship.

As part of her effort to spread green education, Gina been a proud sponsor to Town Square’s Go Green! Brooklyn Festival with the mission to teach Brooklynites the positive benefits of local sustainability and current concerns of the environment. Gina wishes dedication to the environment is able to inspire others to join her and Broadway Stages’ sustainable motif. #GoGina

Broadway Stages has lead the example by becoming Brooklyn’s largest solar powered full service sound production company, in addition to owning Rooftop Farms, a local sustainable urban farm.#GreenwithStage

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