Broadway Stages’s President Gina Argento and Founder Tony Argento, want to thank Governor Cuomo for extending NY’s Film Tax Credit Program

Broadway Stages is excited to announce that Governor Cuomo has proposed an extension of the New York State Film Tax Credit Program until 2022! The New York State Film Tax Credit Program is essential to strengthening the production industry in New York City while also positively impacting the local economy.

Tony Argento, Founder of Broadway Stages, and Broadway Stages,

“wish to convey our deepest gratitude to Governor Cuomo for his support of the film and television industry. Broadway Stages’ success, in large part, is due to the Governor’s foresight in expanding the Film and Television Tax Credit. This tax credit is the engine driving Broadway Stages to rapidly expand, and its continuance will provide for further expansion and creation of thousands of jobs.  During Governor Cuomo’s stewardship of the state, Broadway Stages, located in Greenpoint Brooklyn, has undergone a renaissance of film and television production. Our studio has grown exponentially from 25 soundstages in 2010 to 44 soundstages in 2017, expanding to 1.5 million square feet.”

The Broadway Stages Family, on behalf of Tony Argento and Gina Argento, would like to thank Governor Cuomo for giving us the opportunity to grow and in return continue growing the Brooklyn economy.

To read the full article click here

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