Broadway Stages President Gina Argento lands in Congressional Record

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, holds a strong leadership in the sustainable movement in New York City. She has transformed NYC to become a strong and environmentally responsible community through her contributions to green initiatives and her funding for green education for youths and adults.

Gina Argento has lead Broadway Stages, New York City’s largest film and sound production facilities, in becoming the leading establishment in New York City to convert to green resources by committing to solar energy,  Rooftop Farms, and NYC’s Cool Roofs program. Gina Argento has raised awareness of environmentally consciousness by sponsored green education programs such as “Green Science Week” at PS110 and the STEM lab at Kingsborough Community College. These programs are aimed at educating students with green initiatives and demonstrating how they can contribute to building a greener city. Gina Argento support for the New York Community also extends to communal development programs for youths and families. Gina Argento is involved in the YMCA and the Boys Scouts of America, which promote youth development. Her commitment to towards the Greenpoint community is recognized by congress woman Carolyn B Maloney. Carolyn’s public acknowledges Gina during Woman’s Month as “a successful business woman, environmentalist and fantastic neighbor” for her remarkable work for the Greenpoint community. #GoGina


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