Gina Argento and Broadway Stages does a Christmas Eve Toy Drive for the Brooklyn Community

The Broadway Stages family enjoyed a merry Christmas Eve evening by donating toys to children in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Broadway Stages gave away 200 toys, ranging from dolls to action figures, to children for them and their families to enjoy.

The General Counsel of Broadway Stages and volunteer of the event, Anthony K.C. Fong, Esq. (shown in the pictures below) stated it was “a great experience and a great opportunity to put a smile on children’s faces!”

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, graciously provided the funding to purchase the various toys for the Christmas Eve toy drive.She wanted to provide children in the Brooklyn community with toys, with hopes to bring them a joyful sentiment this Christmas holiday. Gina hopes her contributions were able to provide a fun and happy experience for families and children in Brooklyn.

Thank you Gina for allowing us to put smiles on children’s faces, and thank you Brooklyn families for accepting our gifts! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! #GoGina

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