#GoGina joins the IS 318 Family

IS 318 had a spectacular musical performance that serenaded the audience at the 28th Annual Winter Showcase! Classical scores were elegantly performed by the 8th grade ensemble and conducted by Simone Martel, a fellow 8th grade student. The IS 318 students is no stranger to sold-out performances, having performed multiple times at the prestigious Carnegie Hall and having performed with the Brooklyn Philharmonic.

The sensational performance left Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, awestruck. Following the night, Gina would like to become a sponsor and join IS 318 in its amazing dedication to musical education. The exceptional musical talent exhibited by the students, inspired Gina to become a committed supporter to the musical education of IS 318. As a sponsor, Gina hopes her contributions will help ensure the prosperity and continued success of the music programs offered at IS 318.

Gina would like to thank the Music Department at IS 318 for its tremendous efforts and dedication for teaching musical education of IS 318 students. Gina wants to thank you IS 318 for the beautiful and memorable musical night! #GoIS318 #GoGina

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