#GoGina for Futures in Education

For over 25 years, Futures in Education for Brooklyn and Queens (FEBQ) has helped send almost 40,000 children to Catholic academies and schools. FEBQ presents students in Brooklyn and Queens the opportunity to receive a financial assistance to continue to pursue a Catholic education from Pre-K until 8th Grade. Students can apply to be recipients of FEBQ’s D.O.B scholarship, which help enroll students directly into Catholic grammar schools or Bishop’s Scholarship Program, which help enroll public school students into Catholic grammar schools. The Futures in Education also allow students to be sponsored by An Angel, or a individual who helps subsidize the cost of Catholic school tuition or fulfill the cost of Catholic school tuition completely. 

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, has a commitment to provide students with the best educational opportunities available. Gina Argento has pledged to be a Tenor Sponsor for the 2016 “Spirit of Christmas” event hosted by Futures in Education. As a Tenor Sponsor, Gina will provide financial assistance for students attending Catholic schools and students from public schools to start Catholic schools. Sponsorship of the event will also help support Futures in Education’s mission to help students receive merit-based scholarships and specialized high school programs. #GoGina

For more information on FEBQ scholarships
visit: http://futuresineducation.org/scholarships/
For more information on becoming an Angel
visit: http://futuresineducation.org/our-programs/#angel

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