#GoGina for Children’s Medical Fund of New York

Since 1966 the Children’s Medical Fund of New York (CMFNY) has helped thousands of children’s lives by diagnosing and treating various illnesses. The CMFNY is equipped with treatment programs ranging from general childhood asthma programs to a specialized Cystic Fibrosis program. To help children better cope with the hospital experience, CMFNY has a comprehensive Child Life Program to help inpatients and outpatients minimize stress of their individual injury or illness. The therapeutic relief provided by the Child Life Program is essential in helping children promote optimum growth and development. 

President of Broadway Stages, Gina Argento believes families should be able to receive the best quality medical care and services for children who face various illnesses. Gina has financially contributed to the CMFNY to assist in purchasing medical equipment, to treat child illnesses, and to train children specialist for its Child Life Program care teams. As a sponsor of Children’s Medical Center of New York, Gina has helped the treatment of pediatric illnesses and care of children’s psychological well-being. #GoGina

To get involved in CMFNY
visit: http://www.cmfny.org/get-involved/

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