Broadway Stages at the Manhattan Avenue Lighting Ceremony in Greenpoint

To start off the holiday season, the residents of Greenpoint gather between Huron Street and Nassau Avenue to celebrate the annual Manhattan Avenue Lighting Ceremony! On Dec 3rd, the lighting ceremony came alive at the Greenpoint Toy Center, located at 738 Manhattan Avenue. As a native Greenpoint business, Broadway Stages helped finance the 2016 Manhattan Avenue Lighting Ceremony by donating funds to purchase lights and decor used in the event. From the seasonal winter decor that will hang from street posts to the Christmas lights that will illuminate the Manhattan Avenue, Broadway Stages wanted to set the winter mood and bring forth the holiday spirit. The winter decor and Christmas lights will be in service until early January of 2017, so please make sure to go and check it out! Broadway Stages wishes all of you a wonderful beginning to your winter holiday season!

To learn more about Greenpoint events visit:

To read more of Gina Argento’s and Broadway Stages’s commitment to the Greenpoint and New York City community please see our: Commitment to Philanthropy

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