#GoGina for Education at SIS

Saint Ignatius School (SIS) is a well renowned middle school in South Bronx known for leading students to a lifetime of educational success. The SIS curriculum seeks to increase student access to greater quality education and educational resources by enrolling students in specially designed SIS programs. Students at SIS will be part of a unique library reading program to challenge critical thinking and introductory robotics programs which provide students with hands-on activities to explore the field of computer science and engineering. The SIS curriculum is supported by dedicated administrators and staff who actively participate in SIS students’ educational success and personal success beyond the SIS environment.

President Gina Argento, on behalf of Broadway Stages, wants to see SIS be able to continually provide access to quality education for students in the South Bronx. As a financial donor to SIS, Argento will help empower 80 select students to engage in Science, Technology, English, and Math. Her contributions have helped Luis Paez, a 2005 graduate of SIS, by financing his middle school education at SIS. Gina’s contributions towards Luis’s education allowed him to be inspired by the commitment of the SIS staff to SIS students. Luis’s return to SIS as the Advancement and Graduate Support Associate of SIS, demonstrates the lifelong impact SIS on Luis and other SIS South Bronx students. To inspire others to become like Luis, who reinvested his success back into SIS, Gina Argento will continue to support the SIS and hope to inspire new students to do the same.

To help support the Saint Ignatius School visit:

To read more of Broadway Stages’s commitment to education in Greenpoint and New York City please see our: Commitment to Education

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