Gina Argento and Broadway Stages support the St.Nicks Alliance

The St. Nicks Alliance is a community-based coalition of neighborhood groups, volunteers, and affiliated organization to provide affordable housing, empower workforce development, and educate developing youths. As part of its mission statement, St. Nicks Alliance seeks to provide transformative services to positively impact the quality of life for Greenpoint residents. St. Nicks have helped prevent the displacement of 4,500 families by creating over 2,200 affordable housing units. In collaboration with public schools, St. Nicks has sponsored after-school programs that promote academic development for youths and by partnering with Brooklyn employers, St. Nicks have supßplied individuals with training used in various high-demand industry jobs.

Broadway Stages recognizes the impactful assistance the St. Nicks Alliance has provided to the Greenpoint community and its residents. To help continue St. Nicks Alliance’s community programs for Greenpoint residents, on behalf of Broadway Stages, Gina Argento has helped fund its activities by providing financial donations. As a sponsor to the St. Nicks Alliance, Argento hopes to continue improvement programs for after school education, public housing, and workforce education. As a Brooklyn based business, Gina Argento is committed to improving the quality of life for Brooklyn residents. Her recent participation and sponsorship of the St. Nicks Alliance Annual Awards Benefits and Celebration has helped raised awareness and has hopefully inspired others to contribute to the St. Nick mission.

To get involved with St. Nicks Alliance visit:
To donate and help St. Nicks Alliance visit:

To read more of Gina Argento’s and Broadway Stages’s commitment to the Greenpoint and New York City community please see our: Commitment to Philanthropy

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