#GoGina at Urban Upbound

Urban Upbound formerly, East River Development Alliance, is a Queens based non-profit organization that focuses on educating NYC’s residence through financial counseling and employment services to ensure long term economic security and self-sufficiency. Urban Upbound helps future employees establish a well defined career path and helps identify opportunities for long-term employment. At Urban Upbound, students are exposed to financial aid opportunities to subsidize college tuition and enrolled in the College Access Program to help transition students into higher education. UU aims to provide NYC families and students with the necessary resources required to make informed financial decisions to achieve long-term economic security and self-sufficiency.

As an advocate of financial and workforce education, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, supports the Urban Upbound mission for long term economic success. Gina has helped make available educational resources for Queens residents and students by financially supporting the Upbound’s programs and services. To improve Urban Upbound’s exposure, Gina has stood as an Advocate donor to its annual gala. Her contributions to Urban Upbounds will help positively transform economic well-being and empower individuals with financial planning. #GoGina

For more information on Urban Upbound programs
visit: http://urbanupbound.org/what_we_do/

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