#GoGina at Boys Scouts of America

For the past 90 years, the Boys Scouts of America (BSA) has been one of the nation’s most well-known youth development programs. The BSA has been providing quality camping and volunteering programs designed to educate children on how to be a productive and positive citizen of society.

The summer camps at BSA are filled with group and peer-lead activities that help nurture the physical and intellectual abilities of scouts. BSA programs offered at the camp help youth realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle by teaching them BSA approved recipes such as Citrus Chicken and Apple Crisps. In addition, games offered at the camp such as “Which Patch Is It,” help challenge and promote creative thinking in scouts at a young age.

The various camping and volunteering programs offered at BSA, help 11-17 year olds develop strong positive sense of self-worth and usefulness by teaching children to listen, compliment, and ask for the opinion of others. Scouts are also taught the importance of the general need to help others, which can vary from helping an injured person(s) to cleaning up campsites. The Boy Scouts of America introduces student youths to the qualities of altruism and teaches scouts to improve their images of self-worth.

Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, believes the message of benevolence and integrity taught by the BSA is fundamental in building strong positive members of society and integral in a positive lifestyle. To help support the BSA’s cause and its mission to educate youths to be positive citizens of society, Gina has helped finance summer camps, summer activities, and volunteering events. Her participation with BSA also extends as a Luncheon Co-Chair member at its annual Luncheon used to increase awareness for the BSA cause and mission. Gina will continue to donate and support the BSA as they continue to guide our youth to be positive citizens of society!

Learn how you can also help support the Boys Scout of America and visit: http://www.scouting.org/

To read more of Broadway Stages’s commitment to education in Greenpoint and New York City please see our: Commitment to Education

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