#GoGina at Queens Botanical Garden

Growing support for and spreading awareness for sustainable green practices are part of going #GreenwithStage. At the Queens Botanical Garden(QBG), green education is the defining feature of its Farm and Compost Internship which help qualifying students gain an edge in learning about green initiatives such as urban farming and compost recycling. Select students will learn about the urban farming movement in New York City(NYC) and learn the importance of environmental stewardship. Environmental responsbility is heavily stressed during the internship at QBG, where the students are taught the importance of composting by “coordinating with the hundreds of community compost sites across the city that are working to reduce the amount of waste New Yorkers send to landfills.”

To help support green education in NYC, Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, is committed to sponsor students interns to learn about green education at the Queens Botanical Garden. Students sponsored by Gina Argento are given a summer long term internship that immerses them with hands-on activities in green urban farming methods and compost recycling strategies. By spreading awareness for green solutions in NYC, Gina Argento and Broadway Stages hope to reduce air pollution, provide fresh affordable produce, and heighten the responsibility of citizens to their natural environment.

Gina Argento and Broadway Stages wish to guide students to contribute to NYC urban farms such as Rooftop Farms located at 44 Eagle Street Greenpoint and continue to support student education towards environmental stewardship. To enroll in the Queens Botanical Garden internship please visit http://www.queensbotanical.org/Education/QBGFarm

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