Neighborhood Block Party!

The Greenpoint Block Party takes over as the central event in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for families to gather and spend the day. Between Norman Street to Meserole street the public is open to FREE cotton candy, ice cream, pony rides, and a communal inflatable castle. The Greenpoint Block Party created by Jon and Laura Pagano aims to bring the local Greenpoint families a day of fun and bonding. The annual event is sponsored by Broadway Stages in thanks due to Gina Argento, President of Broadway Stages, and Tony Argento, founder of Broadway Stages, however as Laura notes in Greenpoint News, “…they do so much without looking for credit at all.” Gina Argento and Tony Argento want to share a day with the Greenpoint community to come together and have fun!

Come drop by on September 2 and participate in a day of fun with Broadway Stages at the Greenpoint Block Party! See you there!

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